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MetaProperties helps you to create event driven architectures in .NET. It saves you time and it helps you avoid mistakes. It's compatible with WPF and Silverlight data binding.

We've been using MetaProperties for over a year within our software team at the company where I work, and it's helped us write more reliable, event driven code faster than we would otherwise have been able to. The source code has been available on my website since May 2009, but I finally decided to put it on CodePlex in March 2010. CodePlex is now its permanent home.

Introduction to MetaProperties

MetaProperties Documentation

Event Driven Properties - Observable`1

Event Driven Properties - MetaProperty`1

Event Driven Properties - BoundObservable`1 and BoundObservable`2

Event Driven Properties - Threading

Event Driven Classes - MetaPropertyHost

Event Driven Classes - Dependency Properties

Event Driven Classes - Collections

Event Filters - Introduction

Event Filters - Dispatching

Event Filters - Isolation

Event Filters - Custom

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